Jen Edney


 In a practical sense, Jen Edney is a photographer and burgeoning filmmaker. But use a wider scope; these are just titles for a person set to take us on a visual journey. A self-proclaimed “water baby,” Edney is an adventurer and a storyteller whose aim is to capture the expeditionary heart of any situation she shoots. She is a sailor, a traveler, and thus a participant in the images she captures and the stories she tells, from mountains to seas—all begninning from her home on the Plains of Nebraska.

Jen was named to a list of the “Nine Top Female Adventure Photographers” by National Geographic. With over 40,000 nautical miles sailed en route to visiting over 30 countries, there is no doubt as to her adventurous spirit. Edney’s work doesn’t just speak for itself, it lends voice to all that she captures.

I live by three simple rules: Always do your best, always do what’s right and always treat people the way you want to be treated. Work hard, play harder and laugh a lot.
— Jen Edney