Alaska Adventure Women

Dr. Joanne Edney runs a lodge in the majestic, wild and untouched, Lake Clark National Park, a very remote part of Alaska. One has to fly in from Anchorage and either land on the beach or sometimes in the lake depending on the tide to get to the lodge. She is an Emergency Room physician and helps run every aspect of the lodge. No job is beneath her, always willing to help out the guides. She is the one on the 4 wheeler driving out to pick up the guests, helping in the kitchen if the chef is having a bad day, the only doctor onsite and in the area, drives the boats, fishes with the guests, cleans the fish, smokes the salmon, packages the fish for the guests, gets chased by bears driving the fish guts out to the beach, etc. All around a badass woman and one of the most adventurous, kind hearted people I know.